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Tony Kart Racer 401RR-2023

Tony Kart Racer 401RR-2023

Tony Kart Racer 401RR-2023

OTK.RACER 401RR OK - 2023 Available on back-order ,


Tony Kart Racer 401RR-2023 – OTK for many years, the Racer has been the reference point for the Tony Kart range. From 2000, the various editions of this model have collected 7 world championships along with other international titles in various categories. The new 401RR continues this success story, improving various features but most notably the level of componentry. Among the new innovations, the new ‘high-grip’ steering wheel with an inclined steering hub boss, the integrated enclosed frontal area with the new M10 Series Bodywork Kit which includes slimmer side bumpers with reduced weight and able to favour the cooling of the rear tyres. The front nose and the M7 number plate (now in green) comply with the current FIA regulations as well as the rear protection, now adjustable in width. Also newly designed graphics.
Remaining unchanged though, is the chassis geometry and design. Just as the cornerstones of philosophy at the base of the project also do not change; highest quality materials, technologically advanced processes, constant development carried out and developed by the Tony Kart Racing Team at the most important races around the world

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